Alma is a word that is thousands of years old and can be found in over 20 languages. Commonly known it for its Spanish translation to “soul”, its roots lie in the Latin word “almus” meaning “nourishing”, “kind” or “life-giving.”

The roots of Alma Kitchen lie in a childhood that was full of doughy hands and sticky cookbooks. I’ve always been drawn to the joy food brings and I’ve always Ioved sharing that with others. Today, I find that joy in perusing small food shops, hosting dinner parties and exploring farmers markets. Without question, food is my love language.

Over these travels, I’ve come across a few places where the beauty of landscape and way of life has particularly stuck with me and had huge influence on my style of cooking. One such place is southern France. There is an appreciation for the natural beauty of the region and a celebration of it in the cuisine – it's elegant yet unfussy. 

At Alma, we believe a beautiful life is one that celebrates this simple beauty of nature, and we aim to honor that through the food we create. Because food shouldn’t just be nutritious and delicious, it should also be beautiful. 

Whether you are looking for a gift or for something special to enjoy at home, I hope our food brings you joy, and just a little closer to the beauty of nature.

With love, 

Founder & CEO  


 Alexandra outside Hotel Crillon le Brave, Provence